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I am the right personal trainer for you

Do you want to feel comfortable in your body, move painlessly and smoothly? Do you want to overcome an injury or get in shape for a specific event?

No matter what drives you, one thing is certain: it is never too late to start and the best time is right now.

"The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do." (Unknown)

This is where I come in. I am an A-licensed personal trainer in Hamburg and support you on your way forward. I create a tailor-made training plan tailored to your needs and am always there for you if you need support. I will accompany you in training and pay close attention to your movements. This minimizes the risk of injury and you get to your destination faster. I would also be happy to advise you on nutrition and lifestyle optimization in order to integrate your new path perfectly into your life.

Your Personal Trainer Amelie

Back Squat by the Personal Trainer

Back Squat

About me

My name is Amelie and I have been a passionate athlete for years. I tried many sports from an early age, including vaulting, climbing, cycling, mountaineering, before I started shooting as a teenager.

About 10 years ago I started to deal intensively with Pilates, yoga, self-weight exercises & weight training and have never stopped since. It is important for me to constantly try new things, learn new things and challenge myself again and again. For me, the focus is always on performance. You will quickly learn to appreciate my striving for constant improvement.

"Strength comes from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. If you go through difficult life situations and decide not to give up, you have strength." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

For me, sport has always been more than just a leisure activity, it enables me to have an agile, mobile life.
He helped me not only to overcome several serious hand and knee injuries with corresponding operations, but to emerge from them more. That made me deeply grateful for the sport and motivated me to see it as more than just my hobby but as an integral part of my life. That's why I decided to turn my passion into a profession. I have had the fitness trainer B, A and personal training license since 2020 so that I can pass on my experience as a personal trainer to you in a professional and qualified manner. Let me show you what sport can really do!

Lat pulldown from the Personal Trainer

Lat pulldown

My strengths

Yoga pose by the  Personal Trainer

Yoga pose


You don't live in Hamburg? No problem! I am the official online coach. This enables you to always have your personal trainer in your pocket.
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